Welcome to our Skate Program

It’s all going to be about doing the right thing, picking up the trash, keeping the park clean and keeping the rubbish from the city reaching our pristine beaches or waterways. Three simple actions to compete for this challenge.
• Put trash in the right place • Actively look after your park • Reduce the vandalism

Participation plaques are mounted at the nominated skate parks letting everyone know that this skate park is in the challenge. The plaques illustration is creating a fun scene, a skater doing a few tricks, picking up the trash along the way. Recently City of Gold Coast and City of Cockburn participated in this program.

The Gold Coast skate2clean™ was judged by councils cleaners, who rated each park from a scale 1 – 5. The park that had the best score would win the skate2clean™ challenge.

The reward is to receive a winners plaque and to host an “all welcome” event with live skate demonstrations, free giveaways, prizes, music, barbeque and recognition from your council for a great effort by their community.

Special thanks going to the following local governments for their support of Skate2Clean™City of GOLD COAST and the City of Cockburn.