2 Bucks A Board Pilot Campaign

A coffee at your local, a fin key, a can of coke? $2 doesn’t even buy a decent block of wax these days… How about some change for your change instead? Here is our pilot program in founding years that to be honest hasn’t officially launched. The concept is worthy, it needed a secure and accountable payment gateway to collect donations, something not around in 2014, or the urgency to do more for the environment, or as board riders like to say our playgrounds. When we did a soft launch, we received credible support from award-winning cinematographers, producers and Liz Cantor, who has been instrumental in throwing her support behind us. Fast-forward to 2019 a payment tap and go gateway is now available, some great initiatives to support and an urgency to get stuck in and do something that’s going to contribute towards making a real difference simply from the number of boards out there. If you want to become involved please contact us as we really do believe that I Support Two Bucks A Board has a tremendous amount of potential, not only in providing aid, education, or infrastructure to communities in need but also helping with climate change and ocean conservation projects.