About us

Building sustainability through sport or as we like to say SPORT2CLEAN is the key element of what we do.

Incredibly we are all exposed to seeing plastic and litter ending up in our waterways, harbours, marinas, oceans and on our beaches. Machines savvy tech and beach clean ups are continually cleaning up after us all.

Do we really want to continue to clean up after everyone?

With sports privilege to large spectator and fan base networks. Sport can make a difference.

Knowing this we have a simple solution?

A cleaner environment through sport yes please?  

How do we make a contribution?

BY theming your sports event SPORT2CLEAN. With less single use plastic? More reusable consumer options?  Better engagement with fans and spectators by connecting through a SPORT2CLEAN theme.   

you will not only be providing deliverable and measurable sustainable solutions but solutions that go beyond your event.

Past projects have seen us successfully working with schools governments, councils, local community groups and even presenting to the Royals.

If you would like to collaborate with us and theme it SPORT2CLEAN or would like to find out more please get in touch.

SPORT2CLEAN is a registered trademark, non – profit and register on the United Nations Ocean Action Framework Initiative.